Home Organisation & Decluttering


Create a state of order by streamlining your home and belongings; preparing for a house sale or just to make your life run smoother. Anything from a cupboard to the whole house (including paperwork, toy management and loft/ shed/garage auditing). I can also recommend effective storage solutions and offer advice on what to do with your unwanted items.

Every client, the way they live and their homes are completely different. I respect that I am stepping into your personal space and it can be a big step for you to make the changes that that you would like. I offer a non-judgemental approach and will work with you to fully guide and support you. My clients are usually surprised how much we can achieve in a short time and find that they enjoy it more than they were expecting to. 

Following a home organisation & decluttering session I will also offer advice to help you to build better habits, create effective routines and improve time management.

I can also help with other demands on your time such as organising events and holidays.

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"​​Tracy has performed decluttering work for me on several occasions. She is extremely methodical and thorough, and she came up with several creative solutions to my organisational problems that we put into practice very quickly. Her service is both professional and cost effective. I would not hesitate to recommend her."

Lis, Hertford